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Is a balanced life a crock of sh*t?! …

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about having a “balanced life” of late, after which I quite often sit scratching my head (or my arse more likely…) because I find it hard to believe that finding a true balance to life really exists?! Surely, we’re setting ourselves up for failure in this “wild” expectation, right?! Continue reading “Is a balanced life a crock of sh*t?! …”

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Boost Balls!!! …

I appear to be on a “roll” lately recreating “branded” chocolate bars and these  “Boost Balls” are my latest addition! If you’re interested in the my earlier “recreations” you’ll find them on my Instagram feed! Do look if you like a Topic or Fry’s Chocolate Cream?!

They’re all refined-sugar free so healthy but… if you eat the batch all in one go, maybe not so super healthy!  – you’ve been duly warned, disclaimer done!

You’ll be glad to read that they’re simple to make and come out about the size of golf balls, woohooo!!! This recipe makes approximately 15 in total!  So, are you ready to address the ball and see how many holes in one you can achieve! 15 out of 15, right?! Continue reading “Boost Balls!!! …”

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I’m not anti-social, how about you? ….

With a significant amount of jetlag and a huge dollop of sugar withdrawals after a rather indulgent trip back to the UK, where we spent time catching up with family and attending my daughter’s graduation ceremony … I have got to hold my hands up and concede that I’ve been rather anti-social of late, not like me I know, sorry!

Can you guess freaking why? Continue reading “I’m not anti-social, how about you? ….”

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Social Media, Social Network, Social Connection … what’s your take on it?!

It’s not surprising, with an impending trip back “home” to the UK, that my mind has wondered of late… with my a-game focussing on family and friendships back there, compelling me to look deep into the eyes of belonging, from my past, present and into the future –  all without the help of Ebenezer Scrooge or any freaking Ghosts too, I might add!

I’m not a mean-spirited, or a miserable old woman either, it’s just that I’ve been remembering how, in my past, these intimate connections have helped me through the many up and downs in my life but… my present though, sees me feeling torn, by what really is miles!

Of course, I still have that sense of belonging, that connection, feel loved even but … freaking time zones and distance really push the limits! And eventually, the virtual hugs, small talk and big freaking talk – when the shit hits the fan – become less. It’s hard, real hard, to maintain without the day to day, in your face… LIFE together.

So how do we then go about making “new” connections and friendships … to start to belong once more? Continue reading “Social Media, Social Network, Social Connection … what’s your take on it?!”


Testimonial …

Sarah’s wellness #agame has meant a lot to me over the past three months. This past spring was especially stressful at work and I happened upon her first #agame blog post via a friend’s IG feed. This post spoke to me right when I needed it and I knew I wanted to join in to be a part of it.

Historically, I intermittently used exercise as a way to reduce stress, and her #agame was an opportunity to really commit and focus on it. Joining a community, led by an enthusiastic, supportive lady really helped me keep up with my efforts. Then along came her blog post about creating a mind map to help discover strategies to keep on track and commit to your wellness #agame. As a former teacher I was all over this – mind maps, hello? Yes! I quickly came up with one that addressed my stress from five different angles. I can’t tell you enough about the difference this has made for me. As I looked at my wellness goal from each perspective, I found three new ways that really worked to reduce my stress, and they were in my control (unlike my work load). I also most importantly realized that I was creating a lot of my own stress through my habits. Changing these habits have made a huge difference in my stress level on a daily basis.

Sarah’s excitement and cheer leading have also been a big factor in helping me continue to persevere on my wellness goal. Being accountable to others, sharing ideas, and sharing successes has really motivated my efforts. Thank you Sarah! 🙂

Lisa M

21st July 2017

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The A-game: Certified PG … or X-Rated?

Life can be complicated and life can also be a bitch… but hey! ultimately life is wonderful! – so we can shake our pom pom’s baby … it’s not all doom and gloom!

I’ve begun to realise this more as I’ve gotten older… just like I’ve also begun to realise that when I’m on my a-game, I can pretty much ride out life “successfully”, by which I mean “well”,  as in mind, body, and spirit.  Yep, I think I’ve pretty much sussed what I need to do daily now, so that I can function to the best of my ability. Which – trust me – really freaking helps when you’re riding the shit storm that life can be!

But seriously … I’m now questioning if knowing our a-game is really sexy or X-Rated enough? Or, could its PG certification or its “adulting” nature seem to put us right off?!   Continue reading “The A-game: Certified PG … or X-Rated?”