Surfing the “Sugar Rip”…

image2 (8)

Picture this I’m riding in on the crest of a wave. Gradually I lose momentum. As I reach the shore I become stranded almost, and I say almost, like a “beached whale” …

What am I talking about? Well I arrived on the shores of Sydney after Graduating from University as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, yes I know big title, so PWP will do us fine. I am newly married after having the fun of arranging a wedding and of course getting married!  I’ve sold my house, boxed everything up and await the arrival of my home. Whilst joining my husband, who has kindly set up home in the last year for us.

So as you can see I’m “charging” in, the waves are “cranking” only to be “dumped” on shore ….

So the beached whale bit? After, thankfully, getting married I started to “comfort eat”. I put on a few pounds.  Having time on my hands, trying not to eat, searching for work, I focused on myself with some help from my friends. Drum roll, introduction of the Fitbit and MyFitnessPal. Don’t judge me yes I thought of them as friends!

To be fair I learnt a lot about nutrition, calories, fitness and balancing my daily intake. Believe me some days there was definitely more going in than being burnt off.   The goals set by Fitbit worked really well with my ethos and behavioural activation strategies of a PWP. So overall I was happy! The weight gradually came off …

However throughout this time I started to notice my relationship with sugar. Now him I adored, I wanted him daily and never seemed satisfied!  This love affair left me moody, I felt I had no will power and felt guilty for overindulging. Sound familiar?! Like any affair it impacted upon my marriage. Come on who really wants a moody wife?!

Psychologically I could reflect upon my moods even rationalise them, yes I know good for a women huh?! but I knew something had to change.

That’s when I found Sarah Wilson!

Okay her book, her philosophy, her passion for sugar. Wait no, per passion NOT for sugar!

..and for me that’s when this all started.

So what I’m trying say is, in a very roundabout way, is this is about when a PWP meets the ISQ 8 week Program.

 No longer am I going to be “in the soup” I am going to

catch another wave ….





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