Taking the Plunge …


image2 (6)With less than 4 days to go I’ve decided to venture into the IQS Sugar Program.

I bought Sarah Wilsons Simplicious Book some 4 weeks ago. I’ve already dipped into the book making some ultra-yummy food. I can honestly say that I haven’t had a recipe I didn’t like.




image1 (17)


At times I thought “whoa these ingredients are not going to work, what the hell is this going to taste like?!” I’ve been pleasantly surprised each and every time … and the bonus I’ve kept full.

So I would say my “try before you buy” is a success!





So why now and what do I have to gain from trying this program?

I am physically fit … and I think a good weight for my height. I do love to cook (an understatement) and I’ve time at the moment to explore recipes. I’m organised, structured and definitely motivated. So I question what will the 8 week programme provide for me?

To start with I want to try a different approach. At the moment I’m using Fitbit and MyFitnessPal to calorie count. To be fair it has provided a great insight into the calories and nutritional element of what I’m eating. I’ve made changes to my protein intake as I found it was insufficient and I’m thinking it has probably been low for a long time.   I find that Fitbit also provides motivation in the form of goals.  It is, however, time consuming and can take over. At times I’ve become too driven by goals, stopped enjoying it and over exercised. This resulted in an injury to my foot.

That said I’ve lost a stone in weight over 6 months so it’s not all bad!

Like I said physically I feel good. So now, I would like to focus on the psychological element in this process. Not surprising with my background huh?! I’m a reflective person and thus think a lot, maybe too much! So I’m approaching this programme, to see how my mind-set can change.  I don’t want to just take pictures of food, although I adore doing this and will totally being doing just that. I want to think and feel the difference!

I am going to do a “take over” on my Instagram, a very much Sarah “weekend” Wilson, illustrating my 8 weeks. Yes, I know 8 weeks is slightly longer than a weekend.


image2 (7)

So what are my expectations?

I would initially like to say to increase my energy levels, although my husband may just say “they’re already high”. Most of all I would like to improve my mood by reducing fluctuations and changes in mood. I do appreciate that I’ve had a lot of changes in the last 6 months so I think my moods have been reactive and appropriate. I would like to focus on the element of resilience and can only think a reduction in mood fluctuations will help so much in this area! I’m also looking forward to the bonus of, the suggested, good night’s sleep and great skin that result from this program.

I would also like to be a graduate again! I love to learn. I’ve the “life-long learning bug!” I’m inquisitive and asking “why” the “science bit” will consolidate why I’m doing this and that it’s not just “a fad” but a “lifelong lifestyle change” for me.

I’m organised and structured so question the need for meal plans. I think the positive  can see in this is that it will allow me to focus on the mood element of this process.  It will also be great to relinquish the control of meal planning and have a prepared shopping list, though I wonder how long until that novelty wears off? Probably just long enough, I’m hoping 8 weeks?!

I would like to be part of something in Australia, strange as that sounds?! I won’t deny it’s been tough at times to integrate, not just looking for a job, but to become part of what is around me. I adore the availability of fresh produce and practically, trust me, I’m there running a home. However the emotional investment is another matter entirely. I’m looking forward to being part of something, the online forum with likeminded people for a start.

image1 (15)

Hello IQS community!

If the Team are anything to go by I can only think it’s going to be energetic, passionate, fun and really supportive!






image1 (16)

It’s also has its foundation in my local area …

and my poor husband will also get a break from “foodtalk” whilst he never complains at the meals he does tell me “food is not important to him”. That I truly respect.  We are all different.

Shakes head “really not important???!”

Finally it’s $150 that’s only $2.68 per day that could be saved by one less chocolate bar per day!



So I’ve dipped my toe, now it’s time to take the plunge.

8 Week Program here I come!  


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