Why Blog when I could be Surfing?! …

image1 (21)

I am writing this blog to record my journey. To be fair, I’m a reflective person through and through, so this was always going to happen right? I love photography so Instagram is a great platform to record the “food” element, but I want to do so much more than that!

I would like to record my thoughts, feelings and the “behavioural change”.

I would like to consider my motivation my emotional reactions, desires, impulses, inhibitions, drive and “knee jerk responses” explore the automatic part of me, in addition to the reflective part. This could get very interesting?!

As you can already see I plan and evaluate, reflect on the good and bad! I’m also going to try and keep it uncensored not write what I think should be writting. For me that may just be a challenge in itself.

So this opportunity to engage within the 8 week program is here it starts on the 7th June 2016!

For once in my life I’ve the time and resources. So I’m here “chomping at the bit”. That can only get better right?

Physically and mentally I think I’m ready for this!



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