Inside out back to front ….

So its about to start and all I can think about is food. The snickers bars I made have been literally calling me from the freezer! I cannot keep away eating one after another. I keep telling myself “but they’re healthy you  made them with Rice Malt Syrup not sugar”. Funny how we can justify ourselves isn’t it. But the problem is quantity in that I keep going back for more. This is what I have been fighting against for a long time. I have always had this urge with “the sweet stuff”.

I end up in a vicious cycle where I think if I eat it all, I won’t be able to eat anymore… but afterwards, I just end up feeling guilty, disappointed, regretting it. I question why I do it, especially when physically I feel sick or my stomachs churning. I feel I have undone all my hard work.

I’ve found the best policy is to remove temptation and to have “good stuff” readily available.

What I don’t do is allow an “off-day” to deter my progress, even if I think it has. This is where I have to be kind to myself. I can admit part of me loves being “naughty” having what I shouldn’t, but inherently I bounce back. I keep the bigger picture in mind and I honestly think that is what has kept me on this journey for the last 6 months.

na (2)


I embrace the naughtiness, keep calm and carry on, obviously in moderation!

There have also been “those days” when I don’t want to exercise. I am the worlds best at  justifying why I shouldn’t do something, finding any and all the excuses under the sun and this is NOT good when you’re living in Australia with all the sunshine we have huh?!

When I get like this, I find the “outside in” approach is the only way to go!… yes I said “outside in”. Instead of thinking about things (the inside) and then doing something (the outside), I do something then see how I feel. Simples huh?!

I acknowledge – but ignore – the excuses and simply get on with what needs to be done, which 99.999999% of the time then makes me feel good. My earlier thoughts are forgotten and I feel great! yes, it sounds simple… but very effective, trust me and try it.

So this is what I am going to apply to the 8 Week Program I am not going to think too much about it but just do it!  If I slip up, I slip up! I am going to put my energy into “doing” the Program.

So those Snicker Bars I ate today. I bloody enjoyed them. Am I going to do it again? Probably not. But what I am ready to do is start the Program. My head is totally in the right place …even if my belly isn’t.



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