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“Gone in 60 seconds ….!”(IQuitSugar Relaspe)

After sharing my experience of taking part in my first 8 week I Quit Sugar Program I’ve sat back and wondered what direction my blog should follow now? The conclusion was quite simple really… whichever one I’m actually going in – after all, why over complicate things when you don’t have too, right! So here I am, exactly where I want to be, not only chuffed that I managed to stay on-track with the last IQS program but also that I’ve gone and enrolled on the next one… but this time in the role as an Ambassador! A role that in truth, I’m finding a bit daunting… but exciting at the same time. I honestly consider it a real privilege to have been asked, however… this amazing opportunity dropped in my lap just as I was facing some changes at home which really put a spanner in the works for me… testing my new found relationship with sugar and one that very nearly sabotaged all that I’d achieved through the IQS8WP!…

My gorgeous, loveable daughter arrived from the UK to stay for a few weeks and it would be fair to say that it was a little unsettling at first. I even began cooking different meals, being sensitive that it was my choice to be sugar free… and not hers. I did have some success with cooking sugar free meals at home, with some even being really enjoyed, she even said she would use the recipes once back in the UK, woohoo result! … With that said though, things were really difficult when we ate out. This was not so much in the choices I was making for myself but in seeing the choices hubby & my daughter made… and wanting to try them! Let’s just say, the temptation proved too much. So, with her arrival, I started to slip back into my “old ways” in many aspects, not just eating, …but hey after all, we had not seen one another for nearly a year now… so I did questioned was that not to be expected!


Strangely though, on top of this feeling unsettled, I also had a sense of not so much “peer pressure”, it was never that, but a sense of wanting to break my own rules – I have no idea where that one came from! To give you an example, when my daughter bought the most amazing looking doughnuts, I wanted to join in with her, I suppose just like old times! … and let’s face it, I was never going to deny my daughter doughnuts and respected her right to choose, even if I didn’t necessarily agree with it… but I did find myself really wanting to join in! … So join in I did! …I even justified my decision on the basis that I was not actually on a “diet”, I mean there are no hard and fast rules I must follow… what I’d set out to do was reduce my sugar intake and that’s exactly what I’d done and am doing! … Besides, the look on my daughters face was a scream as she saw me devour the doughnut in less than 60 seconds!


Then, there was an incident when on a recent trip to Manly, where we all descended on the Ben & Jerry’s store for “chunky-monkey” and “cookie-dough” ice cream – in truth, we were ALL defeated here! But let me tell you more, on walking into the store all I could smell was the sickly sugar and my mouth started salivating, although I couldn’t work out if this was a good or a bad thing, whether it was going to be the kind you felt just before you are enjoy something… or be sick! …It was THE strangest feeling… Thankfully, I decided only one scoop! … why you might ask? …  because the flavour and texture were initially “nice” but insanely sweet and almost bland. I can truly say that I was left feeling unsatisfied, unrewarded even… especially as I’d broken my own sort of internal rules. Now, don’t laugh here but… I actually wanted a bigger reward for being so naughty!!! That said, I was simply pushing my own boundaries and wanting to experiment, just to see what might happen…so maybe not so naughty, huh?

On taking the first mouthful, my teeth started to tingle, ache a little even… then I felt a sense of “travel sickness” (anyone who’s suffered this will know what I mean) just think of the sensation you get when you come off a fairground ride, it was that! But really, it was a more like “blah!”,  you know something that’s incredibly boring, meaningless, in fact thinking about it, it was the total definition of “blah, blah, blah”!!!  All I’d done by agreeing to take part, was to show others (and myself) that yeah, I can eat sugar… if I want to… and the worst part, I’d eaten not just any old sugar but that down-right dirty sugar you only find in doughnuts and ice-cream!

So eat it I did and not just mine… I also finished off my daughters – who could not get through her two scoops. Why as mums do we do that? … is it because we don’t like to see waste?!  … anyway, there is a but and this is a very big BUT (about the same size my butt would get if I continued to consume all this sugar!)… did I physically suffer! Think headache, that travel sickness sensation and a resulting food coma – where your energy levels simply plummet! Just imagine me sliding down a glass window, ending up in a heap on the floor because that’s what it felt like… it was sudden and severe too.

So with my experiment over, I’ve decided I’m hanging up my white coat and detoxifying the lab from all the resulting nauseous gasses! … because the simple conclusion I’ve made is that: The tradeoff wasn’t worth it… well, this time at least. If anything though, this experience has reinforced the need I feel to quit sugar and how far I’ve already come. Yes, I experimented but I didn’t fall off any wagon, not that I was ever really on a wagon to fall off in the first place! … but anyway, I’m really proud of myself for not doing so…

I’ve reinforced that I want to and SO can do this “no sugar thing” although it goes without saying that at some point in the future…not for a while yet though! …I will try the down-right dirty, sugar thing again but next time, you can bet your arse I’ll be making sure the tradeoff is SO much better…so I’m seeing an X-rated, expensive, explosion of extraordinary quality… one that doesn’t happen that often… but is SO worth it!!

So four weeks on as I continue on my sugar free journey just that little bit wiser, I’ve waved a tearful farewell to my daughter and hope that maybe, just maybe I may have planted a “sugar sucks” seed that just might grow some day soon!?…





12 thoughts on ““Gone in 60 seconds ….!”(IQuitSugar Relaspe)”

  1. Beautifully written Sarah! A succinct journey into the realms of your sugar experimentation…and to come out the other end quite ok! 🙂

    Love the flow of your words… so easy and fluid, with an intelligent depth… a bit like your photographs, 🙂 You have the knack of making all your hard work in these areas, look effortless and natural xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading Claire l hope it provided a welcome distraction! … & Oh boy does the sugar experiment continue with a few M&M’s sprinkled here and there ! Yes, some days my words may flow, my photography just click & all’s good in the world, then another day my creative genie may just b@gger off! … so thank you for appreciating at times it can be hard work & not so effortless & natural.

      I really appreciate your continued support lovely…our journey continues

      All the Best

      Sarah x


  2. Every time you do it Leanne! … you never fail to make me smile!!! … thanks for reading & your fantastic comments, lets just hope there are not too many more dirty bits in the future, huh?!

    Sarah x


  3. I know what you mean about it being a ‘trade-off’! Making the informed decision to have sugar these days is a bit like having a ‘big night out’ for me now – knowing that I’m in for a bit of a sugar hangover after. 😉

    I really enjoyed this post, and loved seeing all the photos of you and your daughter’s adventures on Instagram!

    Erin xx


    1. Massive thanks for taking the time to read Erin …

      I think the “sugar hangover” sums it up perfectly! … I’m finding that each time its so not worth it and I don’t know about you, but I’m preferring not to indulge quite so often …

      Glad you enjoyed the photos of our adventures it was a fantastic time and I loved sharing some of it with you all…

      Sarah x

      Liked by 1 person

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