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“Two sides to every … blog”

As many of you are aware by now, my daughter recently came to Australia for a month – as I often wonder what family, friends and others think of the IQS Program, I thought it might be a great idea to ask her thoughts as she had just experienced it first hand … so here, in her own words, is her blog post about IQS!…

When my mum initially asked me to write a blog post for her, the first thought I had was “How can I write something about IQS when I have such an obsession with doughnuts”… however, it has actually come quite easily.

As a university student I have to admit I normally have at least one takeaway a week… and that I am lucky if I manage to squeeze a vegetable into my diet when meal planning. So, when I started looking into the recipes my mum was cooking, I did sit and wonder if I was going to enjoy the Paleo Veggie bread or if I would have to sneak out every night for a McDonalds…

Anyway – with my very sceptical mind – I still jumped in trying the dishes after all, food is food. One thing I absolutely fell in love with was my mum’s homemade pesto, which was made with macadamia nuts and rocket. I think I tried to put it on every dish I had if I’m honest… but then it was amazing! I will hopefully try and make it myself when I have a spare few minutes.

I also loved a dish of vegetables, I cannot remember exactly what it was but all I could think was, this will be perfect for me to make at uni, since next year I will be shooting a short film and have to cater for multiple people. I didn’t really want to try the brussel sprouts and pumpkin initially, however, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of them. If my mum had served me something like that in England a few years prior, I would’ve definitely turned my noise up at it. But I would never of thought my mum would enjoy meals like this back in the day; it is interesting to see how both of our palettes have changed. But it is nice to know that she can still scoff a red velvet doughnut in under a minute (thought you got away with that one didn’t you!)


Sticking with the healthy theme, one day mum took me to a restaurant in Surrey Hills named Ouroboros… a whole food café. I remember looking at the place and thinking, mum this place is far too healthy, can we not go on the hunt for a burger joint? But I’m glad she made me persevere as I had the best risotto of my life.!


As I’m sat writing this, I’m wearing the “Sugar Sucks” jumper which Claire (@avocadolovefood) generously gave me … this leads me on to that fact that the IQS community are awesome! Obviously I was a bit worried when my mum initially told me she was moving to Australia a year ago. But after seeing how the community keep in contact, as well as being so lovely by sharing everyone’s recipes, along with the love on photos… it’s nice to know she has made friends over there through the IQS program – even if myself and Andy teased her about the ‘food family’!


Overall, I have to say I am (surprisingly) a fan of IQS. From day 1, I was interested as the photos my mum posts on instagram are absolutely stunning, but I never eaten anything with so much colour since starting uni. As you can imagine, the uni diet is mainly pizza! But I would like to think I will try to continue the good eating habits now I am home. So I would like to say a big thank you for to my mum for introducing me to some of the amazing dishes created by Sarah Wilson and some of my mum’s talented friends, as they are exquisite! And hopefully now I am gone my mum will be able to stay away from the doughnuts!


I hope you enjoyed this read as much as l did and a massive THANK YOU goes to Lauren for her contribution to my blog…(& you know this is going to cost me so many doughnuts, right?!) 




8 thoughts on ““Two sides to every … blog””

  1. I loved loved this read Sarah and Lauren. By the way Lauren if your reading this, which I am sure you will, your a stunning replica of your beautiful Mother. Congrats to you for going along the IQS yellow brick road journey whilst here in Aus, it sure would have been a wake up to those tastebuds. Your a busy girl with a busy lifestyle so when you get even 5 mins just remember you can still toast a toastie and just add a lot of butter, ham and cheese and did i say a lot of butter!!!!!! Just something dif than waiting that extra 30 mins to order and wait for delivery. Anyhow loved your take on IQS your already on your way to making I’m sure some great swaps, and hey a doughnut is worth every mouthful when you share it with so much love with your dear mother xxxx


    1. Thank you so much for reading Leanne and your kind comments by return! I adore the tips provided & I’m really hoping Lauren does too, especially the bit about sharing doughnuts with her mum!
      Thank you for your continues support my dear friend x


  2. What a gorgeous post! Well done Lauren… obviously the talented writing skills run in the family! 🙂

    A fabulous perspective on IQS and a healthy overview on this community we are all involved in. It’s an excellent example that you really can have your cake and eat it too! With no regrets or guilt… it’s all about balance right!

    Glad to see the jumper is being used and it was absolute pleasure to pass that on. Louise was very excited when I showed her the pic of you wearing the jumper and looked up her map to see how far away had both travelled!

    Such a pleasure to meet both of you lovely ladies and for a firm friendship being established. Dont’ worry Lauren, we will look after your gorgeous mama-bear! Sarah, you should be so proud of Lauren and yourself…. a shining, beautiful example of mother / daughter love.

    Claire xx

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    1. Thanks for reading Claire! Loving the fact Louise got so excited, it is so sweet how this community comes together, establishing real friendships and new lifestyles…and thank you so much for your kind comments, I’m just a little* proud of Lauren …

      Thank you dear friend …

      Sarah xxx



    1. Thanks so much for reading Rani

      Lauren is up to eyes in it, starting her final year at university, so l’ve passed these messages along and she’s really loved the feedback …. so a massive thank you for reading and so glad you enjoyed it

      Sarah x


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