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“I’ve the breaking strain of a KitKat..!!!”(IQuitSugar Second Program)

It’s been 6 weeks since my last confession… and so it must be time for another blog I suppose.! As I write this, I’m heading straight into my next I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program and I’d like to say that I’m approaching it wiser, fitter, leaner and with loads of enthusiasm… Although the later maybe very true the enthusiasm probably isn’t for the reason you may think, why so? Well, I must confess that over the last 6 weeks I have completely run a mock! I’ve done it all… apart from literally eating dirty, great mounds of sugar – as I thought it best to leave that to the to the one and only Damon Gameau, who does it so, SO well in “That Sugar Film” which – by the way, which I’ve said many times before – is simply a must watch!

It’s fair to say then, that I’ve drifted off the sugar-free path of late, with a momentum that Sir Issac Newton banging his balls together would be proud of! [I do hope you’re thinking silver balls in a cradle here!] Anyhow, reality suddenly bit… and it bit hard! I found my moods starting to fluctuate, badly… my tolerance levels swung into minus figures… my concentration and energy levels plummeted to an all-time low with headaches increasing as a result… and don’t, I repeat don’t even ask me about my waist line [ARGH.!]

After feeling and looking my very best for a long time… I’m really NOT liking how I feel or look!

Yeah, yeah, I know… after almost bragging I’d managed to kick the sugar thing, it’s come back and side swiped me to the ground! I could give you all the excuses under the sun here and start blaming recent situations, circumstances or events but ultimately… I’d the breaking strain of a KitKat! …it was my choice to get off the wagon and once it started to roll, there was no stopping it – as they say… once you pop you can’t stop! Heck, even my new-found love of nut butters and full fats couldn’t stop me over indulging – even when I felt totally full! My portions sizes got WAY out of hand, snacking became common place and cakes, chocolates and deserts were firmly back on the menu… Old habits, it seems, really do die hard, huh!!

Now I could just send out invites to a “pity party” and play the victim… but hey that’s just so NOT my style… No sir! Right from the start I’ve been clear to myself and others that this was always about bringing about a real lifestyle change, which was NEVER going to happen overnight… So, after a week-long “time-out” during which I gave myself a good talking to and kicked my – now somewhat larger – butt… I’ve decided to re-frame this experience, be kind to myself and just get on and do what I do best, which is to learn from the experience and introduce new behaviors. Hell! there is no linear progression here, no straight line to the finish… the path to the lifestyle change I am looking for is as fluid as melted chocolate!! So, the start of a new IQS Program simply couldn’t have come at a better time for me to jump straight back on the horse!

I’ve also realised that on Sunday, I don’t think I will be alone in starting the plan over again… I often wondered why people returned to the program as let’s face it, there are many sugar-free recipes available out there, so it’s not all about the recipes, huh.! For me, I now know that it’s all about the routine, structure, motivation and being goal oriented. With a passion for wellbeing, I can’t help but advocate the need for behavioural activation and for me these inspirational words of Anthony Robbins sum things up…

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”.

So, with a new set of SMART goals set, I’m wholeheartedly looking forward to continuing my journey… I’ve already cut out refined sugars and fruit and I’m shouting BRING IT ON!

All I need now, is to know… who’s with me?



10 thoughts on ““I’ve the breaking strain of a KitKat..!!!”(IQuitSugar Second Program)”

  1. Such a refreshingly honest post! I’ve spent the past few yrs jumping on and off the sugar free life..and I completely understand the appeal of going back to sugar! The day before the start of the ‘4 weeks no fruit etc’ started i heavily indulged in sugar! Youre only human …and well done on speaking out rather than staying quiet …youve made yourself even more relatable now xx

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  2. Wow! It’s like I wrote this piece myself! I can totally relate to everything you have said Sarah…including the dreaded expanding waist line. I’m looking forward to ditching the white stuff again! Good luck 😘

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    1. Thanks for reading Jenni! I did smile reading your insta post yesterday…isn’t it great we get to have another go at all this 😉😊

      …. maybe we should try a three legged race here just to keep each other on track … good luck and “we can totally do this!” 💋


  3. Nice post Sarah and beautifully written as always. It sure is a journey and it’s great to hear you keeping it real, we need more of that on social media. Sugar is definitely as addictive as drugs and before you know it, it can completely dig those hooks in. I fell off the wagon quite a few times the first couple of times I did the program, I found that EFT (emotional freedom technique) has really helped me.

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    1. Thanks for reading and your kind comments Tracey. I took a quick look at the video on the IQS site on EFT and thought it looked interesting! … just obtained a print out of EFT tapping point instruction … worth a go!

      Many thanks!


  4. Love this post Sarah! You writing is fluid and easy to read!

    Can totally relate to this as many others have with caving into the desire of wanting to consume sugary products… primarily from emotional pulls.

    It’s a really, really hard one to totally let go off. However I have found that as the months roll by, whilst the consumption does happen, it’s not at the same level as I had to deal with before by pigging out on chocolate. I might have a few bits and pieces, but the volume has certainly decreased and now I simply feel ill when I go back there LOL.

    So that’s why I keep coming back to the program… it keeps me on track and I love that its all organised for you to follow. I don’t follow the program exactly, but having it there is a comfort somewhat.

    Claire xx

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    1. Thanks for reading and your kind comments on my writing style, Claire …

      I couldn’t agree more about the IQS8WP it certainly keeps me on track and motivated. Once I’ve set a goal that it, its full steam ahead!

      I’m so pleased to hear that you’ve reduced your level of consumption and it’s just getting better and better … awesome!


  5. I’m glad to see you’re being gentle to yourself Sarah! I hope you’re feeling a bit better a few weeks on. I remember that Adam and I did something similar after our first program back in 2014 – almost like we were testing or rebelling against our newfound smugness. Then we realised we really did feel quite awful when we ate too much sugar and it was easier to keep strengthening that ‘muscle’. I think it’s all part of the journey. 🙂

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  6. Thanks for reading Erin ….

    You just hit the nail on the head, it was testing and rebelling 😳😊😂, but the come down was horrendous! A couple of weeks on and l can admit how bad it was, l felt overwhelmed, cried best part of a day and thought the whole world was against me (paranoid 😳) … lucky it went as quick as it came !

    I consider my muscle stronger and it’s definitely part of the journey … just not a yellow brick road version l’d like to revisit ….😉😊


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