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Homemade Marzipan

With Christmas well and truly on the way, who doesn’t want marzipaned Christmas cake and be able to make traditional marzipan fruits?!  … and even though  I’ve given up refined sugar, that’s not gonna stop me, hell no!!! … with large amounts of almond meal in the pantry, a huge dollop of determination and a general idea how marzipan is made   this is what happened …..marz-3

These Christmas muffins were simply baked using an I quit sugar recipe which can be found here – although the recipe’s for a cake  it made a stunning  total of 18 muffins!  … anyhow this muffin is just to give you an idea how the marzipan was used  …. as you can see it was topped with marzipan and coconut cream … but believe me there are so, so many options and fun to be had!!!

Anyway back to the marzipan ….


  •     2 ½ cups of Almond Meal
  •    ½ cup Rice/Brown Malt Syrup
  •     ½ egg white (optional)
  •     1 teaspoon of Almond Extract
  •     1 teaspoon of Rose Water


    Bowl and parchment paper


  • In a bowl mix together the Almond Meal and Rice Malt Syrup
  • Next add the almond extract and rose water
  • Finally add the egg white
  • Mix thoroughly to obtain a dough like consistency
  • Turn out and knead a few times, if it’s too sticky add some more Almond Meal
  • Roll and wrap in grease proof paper and place in the fridge for use later



  •  Work with the marzipan at room temperature
  •  Keep in the fridge for 1 month or freezer up to 6 months
  • You can eat it straight from the freezer, it has a gorgeous chewy texture
  • Try using natural food colourings, in small amounts, making a paste before mixing through  marzipan or painting on …


  •  Green – Matcha Powders
  •  Red – Pomegranate juice
  •  Yellow – Turmeric
  •  Orange – Carrot juice


  • In the above example, the pear had matcha paste mixed through it, 1 part powder to 1 part filtered water , using a very small amount to colour and flavour
  • The strawberry was painted with pomegranate juice
  • Citrus leaves and strawberry tops were used in these, but you could make them from marzipan and use cloves for stalks
  •  I found that using syrup instead of sugar means that is does need to be kept refrigerated and softens  quite quickly, (think 30 – 40 degree Australian Summer heat here!) … but it is workable and delicious!
  • Below is an example of chocolate covered matcha marzipan, but hey you can cover yours in whatever you want, nuts, matcha, coconut, the skies the limit!
  • Maybe use 90% cocoa chocolate to keep those refined sugars to a minimum! You could also make your own chocolate if you have time


These are made with Matcha flavoured marzipan and covered in dark chocolate, rose petals and pistachios


Finally, more than anything,  have fun, enjoy it and I’d love to see your creations, so if you use the hashtag #sugarlumpsrecipe when posting on Instagram …  I can catch up with the fun you have !! … and if you don’t have Instagram then please feel free to share in the comments box below …

all with love …


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