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“Game changer!?…”

Where the hell have all you lot been?! Shit, it’s me this time isn’t it – not you… I know, I’ve been gone ages right! So anyway, how have you all been? and mores the point, what have you been up to?

Me, I’ve taken some time out to think through this blogging malarkey… wondering what I want to share and how much should I “put out” there. It’s freaking hard you know, particularly as I’m no wordsmith and struggle with dyslexia. Yes, even that was hard to spell – thank f@ck for autocorrect!!!

At the start, I was just sharing the journey I was on to change up my lifestyle and trying to feel better, whatever that looks like… But somehow, along the way, I stopped being me and started writing for an audience (you lot!) in a way I thought I should write. I began to filter out what is the real “me”, be it my opinions or my stupid sense of humor, sometimes censoring my writing beyond recognition… I now realize that it takes real balls to write freely, so I’ve decided that instead of fearing it… questioning things, the setbacks, the false starts and thinking that I’d never get freaking started, I just need to start…

So, here goes… not wrapped up in theory or censored, my idea, my dream – in the raw – with no apologies, explanations or having to justify myself in any which way!

My idea is just this…

Over the last few months alongside continuing my I Quit Sugar journey, I’ve loved dipping into Hollie Azzopardi 7 days to Self Love , Jess Silsby Chaos to Control, 30 Day Exercise Challenges, Yoga, Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Mapping and #truthbombs, Shining my butt off with Leonie Dawson, Meditation, (yes, you may just want to take a deep breath now) researching Wellness, Life Coaching and Counseling courses, reading books, listening to podcasts, doing webinars (yeah, that one freaked me out!) … and what I’ve come to realize is that there are MASSES of resources out there, unbelievably incredible resources… some free even. So, to head up blog posts on “wellness” there is undoubtedly going to be a huge wealth to tap into! … and I’m thinking does “incredible” actually need to be re-written … hell freaking no (not in my opinion)


Now, despite all this incredible information (yes, I said it again) I can’t help feeling the problem most people have with it, is how we actually engage with and make use of it all… in truth this all takes real motivation! Honestly of late, my motivation has had me swinging, spun me off the roundabout and yes, I’ve ended up in a heap on the floor crying at times, but for me this is what it’s all about. The cuts, the bruises, the ups and downs, the pure exhilaration!  I suppose it’s the how, the what, where and why we engage with these resources… and it is this that I ultimately want to share with you all, to give, genuinely from the heart.

Recently while re-reading Elizabeth Gilberts Big Magic, I realised and recognized that I’ve had an idea banging away at me for some time and that it’s now time to stop freaking ignoring it and have the balls to get it out there! I suppose because the idea is so simple, very basic in concept, I just kept overlooking it, my familiarity maybe breading some contempt, right here, right now!


Right, I’m stalling , procrastinating even, lets get to it! … (that’s nerves right there!)

Right, the big, little idea is that… our game plan or as like I like to call it our A-Game is simply something  that keeps us #well! Now this “A-Game” – hell lets just read your “A-Game” – have you ever really taken time to reflect what it’s like? Your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviors – when your well as opposed to unwell. Do you even know what keeps you that way, or how you can up your game?! Have you ever asked those close to you what they see in you when you’re well, or unwell?!… because I’d sure as hell bet they always tell you, maybe want to comfort you or even just get frustrated with you, when you don’t do what they feel needs to be done?! That’s real life right there, huh?!

Can you imagine what it would feel like to know your “A-Game” – tell me, scary… empowering… a waste of time? … just how simple do you think it would be to put it together? … to do something that helps you really know yourself, your team and what you need to do … I suppose what I’m saying is have set of “go to” resources that’s individually designed and specific to you! Just how empowering might that be?!

So, my question is, “are you interested, with me, and would you like to see one put together?!”

Lots of love and wellness



10 thoughts on ““Game changer!?…””

  1. I’m with you, Sarah luv. I read something today actually it was along the lines of knowing your why’s and the how’s will follow naturally. It makes sense because like you’re saying, we lose focus and end up doing the how of a thing (writing for an audience or being a teacher) and forgetting why we wanted to do the thing in the first place. I’m so with you in crafting my A Game plan, what an awesome idea x


    1. Thanks Kiki …l’m with you, there is so much opportunity out there and we’re able to engaged with it all … the question is why do we want to engage with it in the first place? what is it we need …if you’re not careful it’s like going shopping when you’re hungry you get into all sorts

      Glad to have you aboard gorgeous x


  2. I love this post Sarah, thanks for sharing it (and I also totally hear you on the tension between writing what you want to write and what you think people want to read!). You’re so right, there is so much info out there…. It can be tempting to just keep reading and researching and never to kick start into gear! At least I find it so. Having an A Game is a marvellous idea – I certainly know that I struggle to bring my ‘toolkit’ of strategies back out when I’m not well, even if I rationally know they will help. That is a very intriguing question… what others see in us when we are well, as opposed to unwell which is where we usually focus!

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  3. Thanks for reading Erin and the feedback it’s really appreciated!

    I’m so looking forward to exploring an A Game … we all have inner strength and strategies … time to start upping that Game for sure!


  4. Hi Sarah…. fantastic post! I loved it… like others I’m sure, I’m always swimming in the information I read, find and gather do nada with it all. I’ve bought a plethora of books this year and they are all line up, mostly read and now have a thin coating of dust on them – now what?

    I can safely say I’ve never asked anyone ‘what they see in me when I’m well, or unwell’ interested to know what that answer would be – that is definitely food for thought! LOL

    Having said all that the synopsis is I’ve never gone beyond the read to really dig deep, so I guess the answer is YES! I’m onboard baby! It’s a fabulous idea 🙂

    Claire xx

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    1. Thanks for reading Claire! I’m with you on the book front … and there’s so much out there!

      This is about making it relevant for sure … what’s your A-Game, as such?

      I think your brother knows yours inside out? (from what you’ve told me 😉) So looking forward to your journey and thanks for sharing x


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