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At the end of my last blog, the closing question to everyone was “are you interested, with me, and would you like to see one put together?!”

OK, now let’s just take one or two steps back … and let me be clear, because trust me, sometimes being clear isn’t one of my strong points. I’m not looking at blowing my own trumpet here, playing out arrogant notes, believe me I’m more comfortable passing the trumpet and seeing how we all play!

Ultimately, yeah I was talking about my own little, big idea… of an A-Game – which for me is a set of “go to” resources, individual and specific to us, that we can use to really get to know ourselves, our partners, our teams … what we need to do, in relation to… yeah, you guessed it, WELLNESS!

So, hopefully that’s clear… although I can’t help wondering just what your expectations might be after reading this?! So, this is probably a good time to explain my motives and intentions…

Without doubt, I’m the curious type (downright nosey at times!) but my heart, well that’s in the right place, always has been! My “nurture dial” is set on high, I love making connections and genuinely adore seeing others do well!  Why tell you about my character? Well, this is key to understanding my motive… and my intention, which is – to share my own, personal A-Game with you, through this blog.


Well, as I continue my own personal journey of keeping well… I’ll be exploring (yeah maybe see Dora the Explorer, wait, what the hell, no see She-Ra!) … and researching to try and understand what makes me feel well and why… also figuring out how I can use and apply what I learn, helping me to know myself better to stay well – creating my own A-Game as such #simples huh?


In brief, this is fundamentally guided discovery … primarily for me but also for you, as the reader, as I want to share any processes and methods that have not only worked for me but for those I’ve worked with over the years.

Trust me, there will be some funny, sad, even poignant stories (respecting confidentiality of course) – after all, you can’t work within mental health and not come out with some absolute wonderful pearls of wisdom!

So, if I think a recipe helps keep me well, I’ll share it… if I’ve an EUREKA! moment journaling, I’ll share it… if I’m just crazy stuck …. I’ll share it… and if I come across any books, courses, experiences, adventures that result in any “light bulb” moments, you betcha… I’ll share it!


Hopefully, this all sounds fascinating? – and an additional plus for me, is that it’ll provide some focus to keep me out of trouble and stop me going crazy (well almost, anyway who want wants to give that sh@t up completely!)

Oh! Thinking about it, I just remembered… there is one key thing I must make absolutely clear.

Everything I do share with you in this blog will relate to my own, personal A-Game so as such shouldn’t be considered as a “Self-help Guide” for you…

In no way am I either pretending or pertaining to be an expert on your wellness and I would never tell/advise you that you should “do this” or “do that.” No parenting here, nope NONE!  We are and will always be (whether you like it or not…) the experts in our own wellness.

It is our own responsibility and no-one else’s, so please don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Obviously, I’m hoping this isn’t going to be a one-way street though, with me just throwing all my dirty laundry out there… which btw may just happen – and so what if it does, that’s life right! Seriously though, this process works better when you’re not in it alone…

So, along the way, defining my individuality, that of not always following a crowd, almost being freaking defiant at times, I’ve found faith in my capabilities, taken opportunities and been driven. Why tell you about that? Well, thinking about it, that’s the best bit and could be for you! It’s led me to being creative, to live and express myself almost without apology. So, hey you’re not getting of “scot-free”, don’t be surprised if I ask questions of you.


Because I truly believe you’ve the answers. I want to fire up that creativity and curiosity within you, remembering you’re the expert. I want to ask, as maybe you’ve not been asked before, or maybe some else wants to take control, who knows …. I suppose ultimately I’m expecting interaction, engagement and questions, having fun as I start to share my “A-Game” with you.

After all, I’m folding wellness into the seams of my everyday life and take the topic seriously – which will no doubt come through in what I will be sharing… it’s just myself that I don’t take too seriously!

So, I’d love to second what Elizabeth Gilbert suggests in “Big Magic”

“You want to draw a penis on your wall? Do it… Who cares.”

Because, when you set yourself boundaries like that, how can you not want to go all in! so, let’s work to try and shape our wellness to the best it can be – and whilst no one is looking, have some fun?

So, I’m ready… just hope you are!  From here on in, my #A-Game starts – see, I’m that confident about this, I’ve even got the hashtag lined up ready! –  And, I’m so intrigued to see what your A-Game looks like too!

Lots of love and wellness




18 thoughts on “#a-game”

  1. Oh I have no idea what my A-Game is. In fact I have no idea about what I think about much of my life. I am inspired always by your generosity of spirit and insight into your own personal growth.

    I also now have She-Ra theme song stuck in my head, ha ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Let’s go forth with that, tap into the powers of She-ra! Seriously though, glad to have you aboard Ness and let’s just see if you can explore your A-Game 🙌 Of what l know of you, you have an immense A-Game … so watch this space!


  2. On board…intermittent Wifi because curiosity for me means moving in a forward direction and as you know I’m on the road. Although I can also sit still when I need to :). Yep I think taking control of our own wellness is a personal journey of trying and tweaking and learning and supporting each other. You are one of my people lovely lady so I’ll bring my Agame or Bgame depending on the day. I’m looking for the most spectacular of wildflower fields to photograph for you brave, courageous giver of light 🌻.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are definitely more She-ra than Dora!!!
    I think my #agame will be figuring out what my #agame actually is. It would be amazing to be well!
    I currently have an image of your pants blowing in the wind on a washing line, heehee! Keep airing that dirty laundry, it helps the rest of us know we aren’t quite such a lost cause!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Having no idea what my a-game is, I believe I’ve become alittle obsessed with your a-game!!! I look forward to your daily posts and now the blog! Thanks for including us all in this wonderful adventure!!! You have a special light!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for reading and l’m truly flattered!

      It shall be fun exploring and l can’t wait to see what others bring to the game … l feel privileged to have so much interaction … l’m just over here playing in the sand-pit called life x


  5. You know I’m playing along right gorgeous? Even if it just means I get to run around the house in a cape with a funny cat or was that he-man any how I’m all in. Nearly broke a leg just taking a pic to support the a-game lol😝💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jo you’re totally amazing !!! but please no broken legs … although would that mean a trip to the U.K. to console a friend 😊😉🙌

      Thanks for your support gorgeous and can’t wait to see your a-game🐞 played out . x


  6. Your #agame came at the most appropriate time. I’m struggling with work that is crowding into my life – consistent wellness is elusive. Those weekends just aren’t enough. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lisa thanks for reading and welcome !

      The dreaded work life balance thing maybe, l don’t know 🤔 work just can’t be avoided (if that’s the right word ?) with deadlines etc … but knowing what keeps you well can help in those situations so great to see you here!

      What are your go to’s at the moment? x


      1. Thanks Sarah! My go to at the moment is being outside – crave the wide openness of it. Creates space in my head. However, I have decided I don’t want to work outside to create a better balance – just visit lol!

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