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Look up what do you see ? …

The #a-game is all about the things we do individually each day, to try and be the best that we can … every day. And right now, my game is pretty-darn good – if I do say so myself!

That said though, I don’t want this to be a manicured, picture perfect “this is how it’s done” kinda blog … because that’s just not real life and hey, you’d see right through that bullsh~t anyway!? But I also don’t want this to be a one sided off load … I want to keep it real.

Every now and then though, I do just want to “mind-dump” on here … hey! it’s a blog after all,  but don’t worry I’ll wipe my own after?! So, here goes …

Sunday was NOT a “good day”. Yeah, I know it’s all subjective but … you can’t argue with someone’s feelings and for me, the day just did not “feel good” – end of! I could of course go into the ins and outs of it all … try to justify, reason and problem solve … even overthinking it all to the nth degree – all whilst fighting with my morning anxiety … or, not.

Maybe I should just park it. Okay crash it … abandon it and not look back.

Abandon thoughts that I need to STOP putting pressure on myself to do “something”, every minute of the god damn day, and just give myself a break …

Abandon thoughts that I need to STOP comparing myself to others …

Abandon thoughts that I need to STOP looking at my phone, take time out, watch those darn leaves falling from the tree in the garden. Otherwise I’m going to miss all the majestical brilliance that is autumn!

and finally abandon thoughts that I MISS my daughter …

But what do I need to freaking do then?

Okay, don’t all shout at once! yeah, maybe I need to freaking check out my #a-game, look at the basics! I’ve known for some time that my sleeps not good. Yes, I’m tired. I simply can’t remember the last time I woke up feeling refreshed or recharged having got a good night’s sleep?! and thinking about it, this has been going on for a few weeks now. So, no you’ll not see any Duracell bunny here, no pink , no fluff, no beating on that freaking drum!

What I totally need to do is work on the basics and work out a game plan …

image1 (9)

I mind mapped all my thoughts about around the topic of sleep, how long, what time I was going to bed and getting up, broken nights sleep and any factors that I could think of that were affecting or could affect my sleep …

  image2 (2)

I found that I’d stopped my regular meditation practise in the day, just relying on a meditative sleep story just before bed time, although that said, getting to sleep is not a problem! It appears I’m having 2 blocks of about 4 hours sleep. Also, I think my morning anxiety is related to indulging in some, lets say, sugary treats on previous days … and it goes on …

So over all not good, no wonder my perspective on things is a little distorted at the moment  … I need to work on this part of my #a-game stat …

Hey, can I ask is anyone else having problems with sleep, does it alter your perspective, and do you have any suggestions what will help, what do you do?

With love and wellness







3 thoughts on “Look up what do you see ? …”

  1. Indulging in sugar and not drinking enough water definitely affect my sleep. Yes I am prone to lethargy with my auto-immune disease but I must say that when I follow my nutrition, it does help.

    I find it hard to get to sleep regardless of my nutrition and hydration, however, when those are out of whack I know I wake up not rested and my lethargy returns ten-fold.

    Stopping to remember the why’s and how’s is just hard sometimes because well life….

    Another great read Sarah!


  2. Thanks for your comment Ness!

    So, your tip to better rest is no sugar and hydration.

    I’m very much with you on that one. It can be the simple things sometimes. I tend to find I’m more reactive, when my sleeps deteriorated then I realise the bad habits have slipped back in …. and I couldn’t agree more, that can be life sometimes, it can be one hell of a distraction to our self-care.

    I want to create some new habits now though and start to become more proactive, sorta feel empowered …

    Watch this space, huh

    Sarah xx


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