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Hi there and firstly can I say a big thank you for looking at and reading my blog!

You’ll find a brief outline here of who, what and why I’m doing this. I’ve tried hard to keep this brief and to the point but… I’m VERY passionate about wellbeing so, please just shake your head and excuse me should this get too exuberant!

My passion for wellbeing, both physical and emotional, is deeply rooted …  and when you have passion, you have energy – right?! Energy that can then be used to explore and develop “new” skills and abilities, which is what I have done continuously and relentlessly throughout my lifetime. I’ve shared too, just like my mum taught me …  I have not only improved my wellbeing but that of others too. I’ve studied, trained and practiced, at Postgraduate level, within an approved National Health System (NHS) program. My practice, interventions and strategies can be found in theory and supported by National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).

I’m originally from the UK and graduated from Sheffield University as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) in 2014. I achieved this after spending nearly a decade working in mental health. Now I feel old.! but as they say… age is but a number! which, for me at times feels like a like a “large one” – a phrase I only ever like to use when I’m ordering a glass of wine! I’m also recently married and lucky to live in a beautiful Sydney suburb with my patient, caring husband – yes, he’s read this and I collected my brownie points.

So why am I here? Initially to share my journey of kicking my sugar addiction – which I warn you all – could be like watching a car crash in slow motion.! get your phones ready for the crash shot! Seriously though, although I’m truly uncertain about kicking sugar, the one thing I am certain about, is that to accomplish anything in this life, to realize my potential, I’ve had to trust my instinct and try and to do that I’ve been brave and taken risks!

This has proven somewhat successful in developing my life skills with – just like everyone else in life – some spectacular “cockups”. I call this “live and learn” in the extreme lane, fast, furious, which is somewhat exhilarating, but exhausting so only recommended for a limited time only!

As I continue with my own personal development, I’m mindful that there is SO much more out there to try … more experiences to be discovered and uncovered  – insert excitement here! – and knowledge, not only about me, but about others, life and the world. You don’t ever have to accept a “ground-hog day”… I recommend you just stamp on those critters and move along.

“Every day can be a schoolday!”

So with my foundations set, knowing who I am, what I want and what I’m capable of – bloody know-it-all, huh – I’m tweaking , no not tweeting, tweaking,  fine-tuning myself.  To keep a healthy mind I continue to explore and feed it. What’s good for the body is good for the mind – right?!  My mind is shaped by all the experiences, ideas and thoughts I’ve been exposed to – imagine a weird, psychedelic , wonderful shape here please! and to a certain extent, I’ve already chosen what to “feed” my mind, so now I’m going to explore what I need to feed my body.  I’m exploring that cross over from mind to body, my “emotional hunger” and part of that journey includes kicking my sugar addition in the butt!

I’m seeing quitting sugar as another strategy, life skill or tool in my “toolkit”. Although my tool bag is slightly weathered – did I just call myself a tool bag, slaps forehead – I do firmly believe though, that adding new tools is a must, to make life easier and more fulfilling!

To cut to the chase, I guess what I am trying to say, in a long-winded, roundabout way, is that I’m writing this blog so it can be used as a resource for anyone who is interested in wellbeing be that  physical, emotional or both. Eventually, I would love to start covering other “topics” that I am passionate about too but… ‘drifts off thinking of chocolate’…

Initially, I’ll be sharing my “IQS diaries “ and some limited resources but I aim to extend this over time, so there will be much more as time goes on. As a taster, here’s some of the topics my mind has been mulling over for the future…

  • know and understand yourself better
  • live life more consciously and deliberately
  • attain personal satisfaction and fulfilment through purpose
  • personal development skills
  • personal development
  • mindset
  • positive thinking
  • personal empowerment
  • lifelong learning
  • personal change management  skills
  • reflective practice
  • self-motivation
  • setting personal goals

I’d love some audience participation here – yes you too the one at the back hiding! Please tell me what you think ….

Meanwhile, “one day at a time”,  without the interference from that darn “Ground Hog” it goes ….

Thanks for reading.


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  • Lifeline: 24-hour crisis support and suicide intervention. Website Go via their website or call 13 11 14.
  • General Practitioner (GP): They can then refer you to a specialist. In Australia, Medicare covers up to ten individual and ten group allied mental health services per calendar year to patients who are referred by a GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician, or under a psychiatrist assessment and management plan.
  • Kids Help Line: Helps young Australians to express themselves, build confidence and live safely. Kids can chat with qualified counsellors for free or call 1800 5518 00.
  • Beyond Blue: Support service for depression and anxiety. They also have a national listing of health practitioners with expertise in the treatment of depression and anxiety. This list is searchable by suburb – a useful way of finding practitioners in your local area, or call 1300224636.
  • Black Dog Institute: World-leading organisation in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mood disorders including depression and bipolar disorder.
  • SANE Australia: Provides information, support and services for patients, carers and families. Go via their site or call 1800 187 263.


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