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Is a balanced life a crock of sh*t?! …

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about having a “balanced life” of late, after which I quite often sit scratching my head (or my arse more likely…) because I find it hard to believe that finding a true balance to life really exists?! Surely, we’re setting ourselves up for failure in this “wild” expectation, right?! Continue reading “Is a balanced life a crock of sh*t?! …”

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Does the grass need to be greener?

From the feedback I received on my last blog, it seems there’s a few of you out there asking the exact same question that I’d written in my journal… “Fantastic! Now, where do I START?” – great minds huh?!

And honestly, I entirely get why this maybe our first thought, after all there’s just so much information out there… even just trying to understand what’s really meant by the term “wellness” could send us on a journey to infinity and beyond… joining good old Buzz Lightyear! So maybe get your lycra ready, or maybe not?! Continue reading “Does the grass need to be greener?”

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At the end of my last blog, the closing question to everyone was “are you interested, with me, and would you like to see one put together?!”

OK, now let’s just take one or two steps back … and let me be clear, because trust me, sometimes being clear isn’t one of my strong points. I’m not looking at blowing my own trumpet here, playing out arrogant notes, believe me I’m more comfortable passing the trumpet and seeing how we all play!

Ultimately, yeah I was talking about my own little, big idea… of an A-Game – which for me is a set of “go to” resources, individual and specific to us, that we can use to really get to know ourselves, our partners, our teams … what we need to do, in relation to… yeah, you guessed it, WELLNESS!

So, hopefully that’s clear… although I can’t help wondering just what your expectations might be after reading this?! So, this is probably a good time to explain my motives and intentions… Continue reading “#a-game”

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“Game changer!?…”

Where the hell have all you lot been?! Shit, it’s me this time isn’t it – not you… I know, I’ve been gone ages right! So anyway, how have you all been? and mores the point, what have you been up to?

Me, I’ve taken some time out to think through this blogging malarkey… wondering what I want to share and how much should I “put out” there. It’s freaking hard you know, particularly as I’m no wordsmith and struggle with dyslexia. Yes, even that was hard to spell – thank f@ck for autocorrect!!!

At the start, I was just sharing the journey I was on to change up my lifestyle and trying to feel better, whatever that looks like… But somehow, along the way, I stopped being me and started writing for an audience (you lot!) in a way I thought I should write. I began to filter out what is the real “me”, be it my opinions or my stupid sense of humor, sometimes censoring my writing beyond recognition… I now realize that it takes real balls to write freely, so I’ve decided that instead of fearing it… questioning things, the setbacks, the false starts and thinking that I’d never get freaking started, I just need to start…

So, here goes… not wrapped up in theory or censored, my idea, my dream – in the raw – with no apologies, explanations or having to justify myself in any which way! Continue reading ““Game changer!?…””

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The winner takes it all …. ?!

After my last blog post and diving head long into Melissa Ambrosini’s book, I’ve felt like I needed to tread water for a while… I needed time to think about how my “mean girl” presents herself and how she’s been trying to use my own goals against me! (How cruel is that.!). Those of you that have read my blog will know that I am and remain a massive advocate of goals which have – in the main – served me well… but at times I know they have also been a real killer too! Continue reading “The winner takes it all …. ?!”