Lisa M

Sarah’s wellness #agame has meant a lot to me over the past three months. This past spring was especially stressful at work and I happened upon her first #agame blog post via a friend’s IG feed. This post spoke to me right when I needed it and I knew I wanted to join in to be a part of it.

Historically, I intermittently used exercise as a way to reduce stress, and her #agame was an opportunity to really commit and focus on it. Joining a community, led by an enthusiastic, supportive lady really helped me keep up with my efforts. Then along came her blog post about creating a mind map to help discover strategies to keep on track and commit to your wellness #agame. As a former teacher I was all over this – mind maps, hello? Yes! I quickly came up with one that addressed my stress from five different angles.

I can’t tell you enough about the difference this has made for me. As I looked at my wellness goal from each perspective, I found three new ways that really worked to reduce my stress, and they were in my control (unlike my work load). I also most importantly realized that I was creating a lot of my own stress through my habits. Changing these habits have made a huge difference in my stress level on a daily basis.

Sarah’s excitement and cheer leading have also been a big factor in helping me continue to persevere on my wellness goal. Being accountable to others, sharing ideas, and sharing successes has really motivated my efforts. Thank you Sarah! 🙂

Lisa M 

21st June 2017